Nonzero Bot

About Nonzero

For additional support please join our Discord Server by clicking here or by running the command ;server.


Nonzero is a fun Discord Bot that you can add to your server. Our bot features multiple image manipulation commands that guarantee hours of fun, a sophisticated guild suggestions system, and the basic moderation commands that we believe every bot should have in order to help keep your Discord server safe. With more features coming soon, including multiple party games crafted specifically for Discord, we hope you'll stick around with us for the adventure!
A full list of commands can be found by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

To begin we suggest executing the command ;help for help and from there the commmand ;commands for a list of commands.

In order to begin configuring your server please use the command ;setup and follow the supplied promots.

If you need support please don't hesitate to join our main server by using the invite link that is sent to you when you do ;server or by clicking here.

Can I change Nonzero’s prefix?

Yes you can; Nonzero’s prefix can be any combination of symbols that are less than 5 characters long. To change your prefix simply do ;settings prefix [new prefix].

Unfortunately there is no support for prefixes that have a word and a space, however doing a character and a symbol like n! is acceptable.

Why aren’t any of the moderation or suggestion commands working?

In order to use Nonzero’s moderation and suggestion modules you must first configure them.

To do this, use the command ;setup to enable the module, and then follow the remaining prompts on how to set up the relative settings.

If you're struggling, a complete guide to setting up the Nonzero modules can be found by clicking here

How do I disable a particular command?

In order to prevent a certain command from being used on your server you must simply just do ;settings commands and follow the supplied prompts.

How do I report a bug?

If you come across a bug or anything out of place please do not hesitate to let us know by joining the community server and reporting it in the #bug-reports channel.

We ask that you provide some details and/or screenshots that will allow us to recreate the bug and amend it as soon as possible.